2) Vision

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Suggestions from Ricardo P. Gerochi:


The main Vision  is to organize and consolidate  the Filipino-Canadian  Citizens residing  in Ward 9, Downsview Area, in order to foster a united voice representation of  citizens with  Philippine Heritage in  the City of Toronto.

The secondary Vision  is to educate the  Filipino-Canadian Youths  with  Dynamic Life Style that will make them successful in their future choosen profession.   Youths residing in  Ward 9, Downsview Area are targeted but initial efforts will be concentrated on Youths residing in  surrounding area of Grandravine Community Centre,  including the Jane-Finch area, notoriously known to be a haven of delinquent activities among Youths, such as drug trafficking, robbery, violence, and other crimes related to drugs.

The theme  “To Enhance Achievement  Movement”  ,  in short ” TEAM”,   was suggested  for adoption  as  “Brand” in pursuing this secondary objective.  Concentration on  “Youth Sharing and Education” is one of the  strategies  to help accomplish  the main objective.  It is a known fact that the involvement of  kids  will enhance and arouse the interest of  parents, thus active membership in the organization  will ensure the success of reaching the main objective.


Suggestions from Terryl Magbanua:


This Association strives:

  • To EMPOWER Filipinos in Toronto to be visible and active.
  • To SHARE the cultures, values, and aspirations of Filipinos in Toronto
  • To UNITE the diverse cultural groups of Filipinos in Toronto

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